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TVK Announces 'Equity' Political Broadcasts

In the run-up to national elections in July, TVK will broadcast a series of interviews with representatives of all 11 competing parties.

Cambodian voters said Tuesday they were optimistic about watching the broadcasts, which will consist of one party given 10 minutes to outline its platform and take questions from a TVK journalist.

Seng Ly, a high school teacher in Bantey Meanchey province, welcomed the broadcasts, as they will benefit the voters who cannot read Khmer.

TVK is following a principle of "equity," according to a statement by the Ministry of Information and UNDP, which is sponsoring the broadcasts.

The most time is reserved for established parties with experience in previous elections and officials in government posts.

"The UNDP move is very unjust for the political parties and violates the Cambodian electoral law and principle of equality," said Ban Sophal, president of the nascent Society of Justice Party, who said he would complain to the National Election Committee.

At least one voter welcomed the broadcasts, but said making promises on TV was not enough.

"News from the political parties is very interesting for the voters, but I want all the political parties to keep their promises from the election campaign," said Lay Ma, a farmer in Kampong Cham province. "In the past, the political parties held very good campaigns for the voters, but the implementation of their promises was nothing."