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HRP Activist Claims Death Threat

Human Rights Party officials Tuesday accused a ruling party district governor of threatening to kill one of their activists.

Yin Saroth, HRP chief of Dang Tung district, Kampot province, received a death threat from Khem Horm, Cambodian People’s Party governor of the district, the party said.

“Khem Horm threatened to kill me by way of robbery and shooting me dead,” Yin Saroth told VOA Khmer by phone.

The threat was political, he said, adding that it had strengthened his resolve to remain in the party.

HRP officials said the governor made the threat at a wedding party May 17, a claim the governor denies.

“It is not true at all,” Khem Horm said. “I didn’t threaten to kill him, and I’ve never met him.”

Adhoc coordinator Try Chhuan said she had received a complaint of the threat and was investigating.