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In ‘New Year Baby’ Bittersweet History

“New Year Baby” is a documentary movie highlighting the life of Poeuv Socheata’s parents under the Khmer Rouge. About 30 of her family members died during the rule of the regime.

The film was screened in Washington last week, and has been shown in many US states. Poeuv Socheata led and directed this documentary after she graduated from Smith College in Massachusetts in 2002.

The film demonstrated “the sadness and the bitter memory of Cambodia people who live without freedom and who live with silence,” said audience member Isaura Martinez. “Some of them were killed without pity.”

After seeing the movie Cambodian-Canadian Hen Bon Han called the Khmer Rouge “a regime of murder, sorrow and horror.”

A document filmmaker, Poeuv Socheata said she wanted to bring the show to Cambodia in coming years, and that it could act as “additional evidence” for the tribunal.

The movie was supported and sponsored by the Independence Television Service and Center for Asian American Media. Peuv Socheata spent three years making it.