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Hillary Clinton, Still Hoping to Win

Hillary Clinton has struggled hard to become the first woman in US history to be president. She has stressed her background and experience in primary races against the other Democratic hopeful, Barack Obama. Her race has inspired at least some Cambodians.

“Whoever sits at that desk in the Oval Office on Jan. 20, 2009, needs all the tools available, all the resources at our disposal, and the wisdom to know how to use them,” Clinton said recently. “I propose a new American strategy to restore our moral authority and war in Iraq and defend and protect our nation.”

Pok Nanda, of Cambodia’s Women for Prosperty, said Clinton deserves to be president. She called Clinton brave, smart and an example to women of the world. She has even worked against human trafficking in Cambodia and strengthened women’s position in politics.

“Her stance is clear, in order to improve social issues, help poor countries on education issues and the violation of the rights of women and children,” Pok Nanda said. “If she wins, I have hope for the Democrats, especially if she is elected president programs on social services for Cambodia will be highly paid attention to by the US.”

Chanly Kuch, a Cambodian-American in Maryland, said Clinton fits for president, but the question is whether Americans are ready to put a woman in the White House.

Were Clinton to humble herself more, she would be a leading candidate, Chanly Kuch said.

“There’s no doubt she’s smart,” Chanly Kuch said. “She’s been winning as a leader since school.”

Chhay Huor, from Georgia, said people were looking for Clinton to win to help restore the economy and ease restrictions on immigration that have been in place under the Republican administration.

But not all are convinced Clinton’s policies will benefit them. Ku Kim Tuy, also from Maryland, called Clinton dishonest, and said the candidate did not have enough economic experience to be president.

“If she wins, she will need more advisers, and that’s dangerous, because those advisers will work for their own will,” Ku Kim Tuy said.

Meanwhile, Cambodian politicians welcomed Clinton’s presidential bid.

Opposition leader Sam Rainsy said she was “fit for the presidential posting.”

Ruling party lawmaker Cheam Yiep applauded the US exercise in democracy and said the American people “should consider giving a woman a chance.”