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Condom Program To Target All Provinces

A new program to expand condom use among sex workers will hit all 24 provinces and municipalities, officials said Tuesday at the official launch of the campaign.

The US and UK are providing $27 million over the next five years to help Population Services International curb the spread of HIV through condom use.

PSI Director Chris Jones said that the goal of the program is to improve the health of vulnerable Cambodians, by reducing HIV infection, and to improve the sexual and reproductive health of women.

The project will seek to make condoms widely available in the country’s brothels, karaoke bars, beer gardens and hotels.

USAID Director Erin Soto said the amount of assistance from the two countries was sizable and would not have been provided unless it was sure to be put to good use.

Social marketing such as that done by PSI works, she said.

Cambodia has about 67,000 people living with HIV or AIDS, though its prevalence has dropped in recent years.

Teng Kunthy, secretary-general of the National AIDS Authority, said condom use was the key to the reduction of the disease.