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Group Seeks Education for All

The Global Campaign for Education is gathering together members of the government, society and the community this month in an effort to help strengthen education programs for all.

The campaign is holding events between April 21 and April 30, as it seeks to put more students in school, facing an education system that has yet to recover from decades of civil strife.

“Children, most of them girls, are out of school,” said Vorn Samphors, chairman of the Global Campaign for Education and a program coordinator for the Inclusive Education for Disability Action Council.

“We plan to visit His Majesty the King with 50 children and adult learners,” said Vorn Samphors, a guest on Monday’s “Hello VOA.” “The purpose of the visit is to report on the progress that has been made towards achieving education-for-all goals and to request his support for inclusive and quality education for children with disabilities, children from poor families, from ethnic minorities, children who have suffered domestic violence, orphans, children with HIV/AIDS, street children and child laborers.”

More than 300 students from Phnom Penh universities organized “My Day for Education,” which was held Sunday at Olympic Stadium to held develop feelings of solidarity between students, teachers and the public.

On Tuesday, the campaign held a roundtable discussion with participants from the government as well as parent-teacher associations, aid groups and journalists.