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Gang Beats Policeman Unconscious

One policeman was knocked unconscious and another one injured following an altercation with a “gang” on the second day of New Year celebrations in Bantey Meanchey province, officials said.

Policeman Meas Samuth, one of the injured, said his colleague was conducting a traffic investigation following a collision between a motorcycle and child, when a “two gangs” began blowing whistles.

“My friend asked them to stop,” he said, adding that they told the group the police were working.

“They did not stop,” Meas Samuth said. “And then my friend asked them to give him the whistle, but they didn’t want to.”

A fracas ensued, and the youths began beating the police, knocking one of them out, Meas Samuth said.

“They started fighting me, and I ran around like they were fighting a dog,” he said.

Ten teenagers were arrested following the fight, said Yort Roy, a police official in Banthey Meanchey.