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UN, Cambodia to Set Up New Task Force on Khmer Rouge Tribunal

The United Nations and the Cambodian government has agreed to set up a special task force to study the possibility of extending the Khmer Rouge tribunal and increasing the funding.

The agreement was reached Thursday after a discussion between Cambodian Minister of the Council of Minister Sok An and UNDP deputy director Sophie Baranes.

"So, we have agreed to set up a team of independent experts, called reviewers, meaning those coming to reevaluate the duration and the expense of the trial participated by the UN and Cambodia", said Phai Siphan, spokesman for the Council of Ministers.

No additional details were immediately available.

The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) known as the Khmer Rouge tribunal is facing with budget shortage and is looking for funding increase from $56.3 million to $170.00 million.

ECCC is also seeking to extend the trial which was originally set to end in 2009 to 2011.

Five former top Khmer Rouge leaders have been charged with crimes against humanity and are awaiting trials.