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Defections Don’t Hurt Popularity, SRP Says

Opposition leader Sam Rainsy said Wednesday the ongoing defections from his party to the ruling Cambodian People’s Party are unlikely to hurt his popularity among the people.

Voters will not follow the defectors and will remain supportive, he told VOA Khmer.

The CPP’s strategy is to make offers of money and political positions as the national elections approach, so it is normal for a handful of politicians to move around beforehand, he said.

“However, I am not that nervous, as I know for sure that our voters would not follow those defectors,” he said.

Chit Sarith, who recently resigned from the Sam Rainsy Party, said he and other former opposition members had not demanded anything from the CPP for joining, he said.

“It's up to [Prime Minister Hun Sen] to offer anything, and I demanded nothing,” Chit Sarith said.