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Group: Alcoholism Leads to Social Ills

Alcoholism among Cambodians contributes to violence, poor health, traffic accidents and illnesses, a health worker said Monday.

The People’s Center for Development and Peace is committed to helping people who suffer from alcoholism and other problems affecting society, said Yong Kim Eng, the center’s director.

There are 60 kinds of illnesses that can result from over-drinking, including liver problems, stomach and head, he said, as a guest Monday on “Hello VOA.”

Alcoholism also correlates to increased HIV transmission, he said.

“It doesn’t only affect society, but it affects a family’s reputation,” he said.

Policemen, soldiers and taxi and motorcycle taxi drivers were among the heaviest drinkers, according to a survey recently conducted by the center. The heaviest drinkers were also between the ages of 18 to 25 years.

Alcoholism is a concern worldwide, Yong Kim Eng said.