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Youth Leader Urges More Involvement in Politics

The Cambodian government "has not done enough as a parent," leaving the young and educated without work while government officials linger in their positions or pass them on to their children, a leading political activist said Monday.

Meanwhile, issues like immigration, the border, injustice and corruption go ignored, said Ken Sara, president of the Student Movement for Democracy.

All of this should lead Cambodian youth toward considering politics, he said.

But before joining a political party, he warned, think twice.

"If your decision is wrong, it will affect the future of you and the country," he said, as a guest on "Hello VOA."

Cambodia's national elections are six months away, he said, and many issues face the government.

Students leave school and find no jobs, or they only find jobs as motorcycle taxi drivers or are forced to return home to their farms, he said, while the price of food, goods and fuel continue to rise.

There are many ways to become involved in politics, he said. And when you do, you help restore your own country.