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Khmer Rouge Tribunal Needs More Money and More Time

Khmer Rouge Tribunal (KRT) chief of public affairs, Helen Jarvis says Friday that next month the UN-assisted genocide tribunal might announce the budget it will need to extend the trials of the former Khmer Rouge leaders to 2010.

The announcement is made at the time when sources from the KRT say that the KRT plans to find additional budget from among countries that are interested up to $100 million, almost more than half of the projected cost $56.3 million.

Helen Jarvis tries not to show the amount of money needed, but she says that the UN and the government are still discussing it:" In 2 to 3 weeks, we will announce the exact amount of the budget. There might be an announcement in January. We are still considering the amount of budget and the time frame."

After many years of negotiations, Cambodia and the United Nation finally reached an agreement in 2003 to bring top Khmer Rouge leaders to justice.