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Fifty Families of Borei Keila Community Face Eviction

The Cambodian authorities evacuate about 50 families from among about 100 families from Borei Keila community, resulting in scuttle between the villagers and the authorities in charge Wednesday.

The authorities in charge and about 300 workers dismantle the people's homes without allowing reporters to go and report the event. Neither civil society officials are allowed to observe.

After rapid demolition of the villagers' houses by the department in charge, the Phnom Penh city hall uses several trucks to transport the villagers from their domiciles to the new site in Trapeang Anchanh village, Ang Snuol, Kandal province.

A female resident, Uk Dany expresses her displeasure:" And this morning I try to prevent them from demolishing my house; they handcuff me the whole morning. It is not good, because they clearly mistreat the people. They mistreat us, they force us to dismantle. We do not agree, and they use force. This morning there is scuttle, and (they) assault me using electric baton on the chest, until (I) fall down, using the baton to electrify (me)."

Human rights Ad Hoc investigation official, Ouch Leng says that the land to be given to the villagers is not for sure yet:" There is no land allocated for the people who are evicted this morning from Borei Keila. There is no land anywhere. There is just promise to give a 5 by 12 meter land. As for this land, the one for them to settle temporarily, has an owner. This morning, the owner has already protested."

Phnom Penh deputy mayor, Man Chhoeun says that the people will definitely get some land:" They have to have some land, because they are truly poor. They have to have some land, believe it. Whatever is said will be done. Do not worry. They have to have a 5x12 land for settlement."