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Khmer Rouge Victims March to ECCC

Document Center of Cambodia leads a march to the Extraordinary Chamber in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) Tuesday morning for peace, non violence and justice.

The march received protection from local authorities and was welcomed by the ECCC officials.

About 600 Buddhist monks, Buddhist nuns, school children, and Cambodian Islam participate in the march asking for peace and healing from grudges.

The 5km march also includes the Khmer Rouge victims from 14 cities and provinces, marching peacefully and vigilantly holding banners saying: we are looking for well being and reconciliation, unity, and the ECCC is a medicine to scale down grudges.

White clothes clad Buddhist nun, Hem Samith says:" So that all the people not be vengeful toward one another, because they are very much hurt during Pol Pot regime. They lost their children. May all the people have peace in their hearts, not be angry and be resentful."

Cambodian Islam from Kandal province, Sman Pich, says:" They did not allow us to practice religion. They did not allow us to pray, and forced us to eat pork. If we did not follow their order, they killed us."

Khmer Rouge tribunal spokesman, Reach Sambath says this is the first time there is a Khmer Rouge victims march:" We are happy and welcome them. They highly value the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. Therefore we must work to respond to their wishes."