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US Embassy Holds Christmas Party for Children

The U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh Thursday night hosted a party for more than 300 children from the Cambodian Children's Fund for a special hip hop music concert featuring The Dana Leong Band from New York City.

Beside the concert the children also enjoyed food, received gifts from Santa Claus and enjoyed the Embassy's spectacular holiday lights show.

Mrs. Sok Chan Neourn is a staff member of the Cambodian Children's Fund told VOA she was "so excited and happy to bring all these kids from poor neighborhood to enjoy the party organized by the US embassy and hip hop music performed by the American band."

One little girl told VOA that this is her first time at the US embassy. "I get to watch different nice music; there are DJs and many delicious food, and many different fun activities such as rides and blowing bubbles."

U.S. ambassador to Cambodia, Joseph A. Mussomeli, who initiates the idea and helps organize the event, said this is a part of his efforts to strengthen the cultural ties between the United States and Cambodia.

"We do many. Personally we do some. My wife and I will sometimes have events for children with HIV/AIDS. Sometimes we would go to orphanages to just hand out gifts."

The festivities started at 5pm and ended at 8pm. Everyone went home with a big smile on their face.