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Hun Sen Denies Reports of Gov't Fuel Price Failings

Prime Minister Hun Sen said Thursday the government had taken several quiet measures to curb the rapidly rising price in fuel.

He was responding to recent criticism that the government had ignored a looming price crisis, as Cambodians find themselves paying more for gas than their neighbors.

Hun Sen said the government had "quietly subsidized" fuel costs, with more than $100 million.

"It's not that the government ignores it, but we don't have an oil reserve" to cushion the price spike, Hun Sen said.

Even Indonesia, which does have a reserve, has had to raise the price of fuel, he said.

Human Rights Party officials said they would gather up to 500 participants in a public forum later this month in an effort to find a solution.

"And if there is no solution to the problems, we are going to stage a big demonstration as our last measure," said Keo Remy, Human Rights Party vice president.