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Head of Election Committee Defends Poll Policies

The policies of the National Election Committee on registration and voter lists are helping ensure fair national elections next year, director Tep Nitha said Monday.

He and his agency face heavy criticism from opposition leaders and election monitors for failing to make voter registration easy for many people in the provinces.

This year's local elections saw the worst voter turn-out in the short history of Cambodian democracy, and many blame the NEC.

But Tep Nitha, who was a guest on "Hello VOA" Monday, said the policies netted 907,000 new voters this year. There are 8.6 million eligible now for July's national elections.

He also addressed allegations that Vietnamese nationals were registering to vote, saying the NEC was working to ensure that no ineligible foreigners voted.

Voter have until Nov. 30 to check registration lists in their local areas, to ensure they are properly registered, he said.