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Tribunal Issues Forms for Victims

The Khmer Rouge tribunal administration last week issued a form they hope will help victims of the regime file in court.

The victim participation form followed numerous calls from tribunal experts to improve the process by which victims of Democratic Kampchea, the official name of the regime, could take part in the trial process.

Victims will only be able to issue the forms in cases where a suspect has already been charged, such as the case with Nuon Chea and Kaing Khek Iev, alias Duch, both of whom are awaiting trial in a tribunal jail on atrocity charges.

"In addition to being called as witnesses, victims of the Democratic Kampuchea regime may participate actively in [tribunal] proceedings either by filing complaints with the co-prosecutors…or applying to be joined as civil parties to the co-investigating judges or before the Trial Chamber," according to the rules of the form.

Instructions accompanying the four-page form claim that the tribunal's Victims Unit, on National Road 4, Dangkao district, Phnom Penh, will be "the sole contact for victims." However, a functioning unit so far has yet to be established. Victims currently can process their complaints through the tribunal's administrative office, through lawyers or through non-government agencies. E-mails can be sent to the unit's address:

Victims can file as individuals or through "victims' associations," the form says. But associations must be registered at the Ministry of Interior (