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Cooperative Cambodia Turns Over Possible US Soldier Remains

Cambodia's cooperation in searches for the remains of missing US soldiers is some of the best in the world, a US official said Monday, as officials set to turn over the remains of a possible missing US soldier from the conflicts of the 1970s.

The US has "missing in action," or MIA, search teams throughout the world, US Ambassador Joseph Mussomeli said, but no other country is as cooperative as Cambodia.

The embassy said the remains were discovered last week in Sihanoukville, the Associated Press reported.

The turnover of remains meant "the end of long and painful waiting of the MIA families," said Gen. Pol Sareoun, deputy commander-in-chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces.

Fifty-five Americans remain unaccounted for in Cambodia, and more than 1,750 US soldiers remain listed as missing throughout Indochina, following the US war with Vietnam, AP reported.