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CPP Councilwoman Accused of Beating SRP Activist

Officials from the Sam Rainsy Party in Battambang province plan to file charges in provincial court Saturday accusing a ruling party councilwoman of smashing an opposition supporter's head against the handle of a village well pump.

The charges say the assailant, Vun Savorn, was angered by the participation of the victim, Seoung Sung, over her participation in a road project and growing popularity in the area.

Seoung Sung has already written a letter describing the attack that has been issued to human rights organizations, said Dim Saroeun, the opposition party's Battambang legal representative.

The attack was politically motivated and full of "anger," he said, because Seoung Sung's popularity in the region was on the rise.

When a Korean-funded road project was completed, he said, Vun Savorn was incensed at Seoung Sung's participation.

Vun Savorn could not be reached for comment Friday.

"The conflict is a grudge," Seoung Sung told VOA Khmer. "I joined the [opposition] party and [Vun Savorn] insinuated that I support a miserable party. When I succeeded in this Korean road project, she was angry."

Vun Savorn claimed she had been a part of the project but was not being given credit for her efforts, Seoung Sung said.

Before she beat her head against the well pump handle, Vun Savorn said, "She wants my position," Seoung Sung said. "She said I wanted to show off for the gain of my party."