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Sam Rainsy Warns of Natural Resources Destruction

A national concession law could lead to the destruction of resources, opposition leader Sam Rainsy said Monday.

The law gives administration of tangible and intangible assets to the state, which could lead to the complete depletion of resources, Sam Rainsy said, as a guest on "Hello VOA."

A party congress that drew thousands of supporters over the weekend ended with Sam Rainy retaining his position as president of the party he founded. The Sam Rainsy Party is the only opposition party with seats in parliament and is organizing a campaign for next year's national elections.

Cambodia is still plagued by a lack of transparency, and with oil reserves on the horizon, many observers worry the government will not handle the money responsibly.

The concession law could lead to more corruption, Sam Rainsy warned. Concessions like those for Angkor Wat, air traffic and telecommunications have already proved weak, he said. All the revenue flows to private owners, and little is returned as investment in the people.

He called the concession law "dangerous" and promised to review it if his party wins national elections scheduled for next year.