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Expert: Tribunal Could Indict as Many as 15

As many as 15 former Khmer Rouge leaders could face tribunal indictments, a legal expert said Monday.

Only five suspects have been forwarded from prosecutors to investigating judges, including the Tuol Sleng prison chief known as Duch.

But prosecutors have identified 10 more whose names have not been forwarded, said Hisham Mousar, a legal expert and tribunal observer for the independent rights group Adhoc.

No matter how many former leaders eventually face trial, Cambodians should not view the tribunal as an act of revenge.

Rather, the courts are a symbol of justice and a lesson to future leaders that war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity will not go unpunished, said Mousar, speaking as a guest on "Hello VOA."

Mousar also said a recent stir over whether former king Norodom Sihanouk should be immune to tribunal proceedings was more a matter of historical interpretation of the former monarch's role.

Questions have been raised in recent days over whether a parliamentary declaration that the former king be immune to court proceedings is valid.