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Watchdog Group Plans Protest Over Detained Monk

A citizen's watchdog group is hoping to hold a protest to call for the release of defrocked monk who has been detained in Vietnam for more than a month.

Supporters of incarcerated monk Tim Sakhorn have steadily called for his release from Vietnam, in a low-intensity information campaign that shows no sign of letting up.

Organizers said Thursday they were planning a "major" protest in hopes of pressuring Vietnamese authorities to release him.

"We hope that we succeed in our demand," said Rong Chhun, head of the Cambodia Watchdog group, which is planning the march. "It's not such as serious case that Tim Sakhorn had to be defrocked and sent to Vietnam."

Vietnam maintains Tim Sakhorn is a Vietnamese citizen who crossed back into Vietnam without proper documentation after his monkhood was taken away by Cambodian Buddhist authorities and so must be held accountable according to Vietnamese law.