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Teacher's Association Urges Reform of Education System

The nationwide high school exams in Cambodia have ended and the results will be posted in the next three to four days. This year, as in every other year, reports of irregularities have begun to filter out of the schools.

Kuon Nguon, general secretary of the Cambodian Teacher's Association, which represents roughly 5,000 teachers, said Monday the exam period is now known as the "spending period" for Cambodian students.

They must pay money in order to earn good grades.

"I urge the Ministry of Education to seriously consider working with parents, students, and teachers to change this culture of corruption and to clean up the old practice of selling answers to the students on exam time," Kuon Nguon said, as a guest on "Hello VOA."

Approximately 58,000 high school students took the test this year, from Aug. 6 to Aug. 8, Kuon Nguon said. An untold number of them likely cheated.