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Khmer Krom Seek NGO Help

The Khmer Kampuchea Krom people continue to seek help from humanitarian groups and aid agencies, but so far no solutions have been found for one of the country's most oppressed groups.

The Khmer Krom are a unique group living in the Mekong Delta region of Cambodia and Vietnam and claim their rights are abused in both countries.

In Vietnam, members claim, they are oppressed for their beliefs and sometimes jailed as dissidents.

In Cambodia, they are often not issued ID cards or other documents, are not allowed to participate in elections and their children are excluded from education, said Ang Chanrith, executive director of the Khmer Khrom Human Rights Organization.

In Takeo province recently, he said, monks have been killed and disappeared. These crimes have gone unsolved, he said, speaking as a guest on "Hello VOA."

Some Khmer Krom were considering establishing a shadow government outside Vietnam and Cambodia, he said, but this would be done within legal parameters.