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Heng Pov Handed 14 Years on Counterfeit Charges

Phnom Penh's former police chief was handed a 14-year prison sentence Tuesday for possession of counterfeit money, lengthening his already long jail term for other crimes.

Heng Pov cried out after the sentencing, saying it had been "unfair." He shook and fell on the ground outside the courts, struggling to stay out of the police vehicle awaiting him.

Heng Pov, who fled the country last year and desperately sought refuge abroad, has already been sentenced to seven years for illegally imprisoning a woman and 18 years for complicity in the murder of a judge.

He had been an adviser to Prime Minister Hun Sen, and his court cases have highlighted some of the inner workings of Cambodia's security apparatus.

Phnom Penh authorities found $30,000 in counterfeit bills at Heng Pov's house in July 2006.

The courts gave a 13-year sentence to Heng Pov's wife, Ngin Sotheavy.

Adhoc investigator Chan Saveth said there were many reasons to presume Heng Pov used counterfeit money.

Nou Chantha, lawyer of Heng Pov, declined comment after the hearing.