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Amid Rising Traffic Deaths, Words of Caution

Cambodia is seeing an increase in traffic accidents, causing city planners and transport officials to worry.

Phnom Penh has seen a full one-third increase in fatal traffic accidents in the first months of 2007, compared to the same months last year, the Cambodia Daily reported.

Rising incomes and falling prices have meant more vehicles on the road, according to Ung Chun Huor, director of the transportation department at the Ministry of Public Works, and Sann Socheata, a road safety program officer at Handicap International, both of whom were guests on "Hello VOA" Monday.

Sann Socheata said the greatest problem with the traffic was a lack of enforcement of already existing laws.

"The government should enforce the new traffic law," Sann Socheata said.

Individual citizens can also watch their own safety, Ung Chun Huor said.

"When you are coming home, think about coming home in one piece to see your family," he said.