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Cambodians Crestfallen as Angkor Fails as 'Wonder'

Cambodians this week were saddened by the news that the Angkor temples were not included on a new list of world wonders.

The New7Wonders Foundation, after Internet and telephone polling, did not list Angkor Wat among wonders that included the Great Wall of China, the Roman Colosseum and India's Taj Mahal, in an announcement Saturday.

Cambodian officials said the contest favored countries with better Internet access and information technology.

Minister of Tourism Thong Khon said Tuesday Cambodia would have fared better had electronics not played a part in the vote.

Cambodians "do not know how to use the Internet, among 5 million people," he said. "How can the elderly know how to use the Internet? But they know Angkor. We are not saying whether or not it is fair or unfair."