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Top CPP Official: Tribunal Will Remain Apolitical

Senate President Chea Sim said Thursday that only the Cambodian People's Party managed to topple the Khmer Rouge but a tribunal of the regime's leaders would not be political.

In a speech to mark the CPP's 56th anniversary, Chea Sim said the party was the only force leading the nation's salvation, and he guaranteed the impending trials of top Khmer Rouge leaders would not be prosecuted for political gain, which would be contrary to the tribunal's meaning and disgrace the souls of victims.

The Cambodian People's Party grew from the Khmer People's Revolutionary Party, founded June 28, 1951.

Chea Sim said the party had "overcome untold obstacles, while bringing about great historic achievements for the nation, and clearly showing the party's great capability and nature."

"Conduct of this tribunal should not be exploited politically by any entity, which would violate the true principle of the tribunal and would deeply disregard the souls of the victims," Chea Sim said.