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Tribunal Indictments Discussed on 'Hello VOA'

Youk Chhang, director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia, and Sok Samoeun, director of the Cambodian Defenders Project, both of whom work Khmer Rouge tribunal issues, discussed possible indictments of Khmer Rouge leaders on "Hello VOA" Monday.

Key questions to be discussed following the adoption of the tribunal's internal rules this month surround the definitions of "senior leaders" and "most responsible."

Youk Chhang told listeners that the 2003 UN-Cambodian agreement only called for indictments of "senior leaders of Democratic Kampuchea." It's up to the courts to decide who that would be, he said.

Sok Samoeun said the courts had only built 8 detention rooms so it was not likely more than ten cadre would be indicted.

Callers wanted to know whether the courts could bring justice to victims.

That Cambodians participate actively in the process was most important, Youk Chhang said.

Sok Samoeun said he hoped Cambodia's judicial system would be strengthened by a tribunal where Cambodian judges might gain important experience from their international counterparts.