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Villagers on Thai Border to Protest Over Unfair Flood Aid

Villagers on the Thai border were set to demonstrate Monday, following what they call unfair distribution of flood relief.

The villagers, from Aur Chreuv town, Bantey Meanchey province, said aid was doled out in exchange for political support by the ruling Cambodian People's Party following heavy flooding in the region.

Tae Kim Long, a Sam Rainsy Party commune clerk in the area, said a high-ranking general from the region disbursed aid to a number of towns hit by flooding, but he accused a local commune chief of politicizing the aid.

Chap Saroeun, a villager from Aur Bey Choan, said crops worth $1,000 were ruined by flooding, but he couldn't receive aid, because he did not support the Cambodian People's Party.