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Radios Delivered to Cambodian Contest Winners

Four winners were handed new digital radios at an awards ceremony in Phnom Penh Friday for VOA Khmer's "Win a Radio" contest.

Chhum Bun Ngon, one of the winners, said while there were more valuable things in the world he was happy to win such a prize, "happier than receiving other awards."

"I like the programs, political news and our current news about Cambodia," he said.

VOA Khmer held a drawing each Friday in its Washington studio, choosing random winners among thousands of responses from Cambodia listeners. Winners received a Grundig G1000A AM/FM/Shortwave Digital Radio, which has 8 bands, a digital clock, radio alarm and sleep timer.

Nean Lang, a housewife with six children in Phnom Penh, who also won a radio, said she has been listening to VOA Khmer since the 1980s.

"I want to know what happens in Cambodia," she said.

Other winners were Pich Chenda, of Phnom Penh's Tuol Kork district, and Prum Setha, who sent in a handwritten letter.