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Doctors on 'Hello VOA' Address Smoking Dangers

Mark Schwisow, of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, and Dr. Yel Daravuth, of the World Health Organization, were guests on "Hello VOA" Thursday and addressed the dangers of cigarette smoking for World Tobacco Day, May 31.

$70 miApproximately 2.6 million Cambodians smoke, spending llion per year, Yel Daravuth said.

One caller suggested stopping cigarette advertisements on television, radio and billboards. A second caller, a venerable monk, said drinking and smoking went hand in hand. A third caller asked the differences between factory brand cigarettes, chewing tobacco and homegrown tobacco. And a fourth suggested that more videos be shown throughout Cambodia advising people of the dangers of smoking.

The doctors suggested quitting drinking as well as smoking, said homegrown tobacco and chewing tobacco both put one's health at risk and reminded listeners that tobacco use causes cancer in the lungs, tongue and mouth and leads to heart disease and stroke.