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Opposition Blasts Government For Unsolved Murders, Attacks

Opposition lawmakers Monday lambasted the government for its inability to solve the murders of or attacks on several famous singers, as debate on a legal code continued.

Opposition leader Sam Rainsy said the new penal code would be good for justice in Cambodia, but he criticized the government's apparent inability to solve the murders of several famous singers, some believed to be mistresses of high-ranking officials.

Unsolved cases include those of Pisith Pelika, who was killed in 1999, That Marina, who survived an acid attack, Touch Sreynich, who was paralyzed after a shooting and the most recent victim, Pov Panhapich, who survived a shooting in February.

"The prosecutors did not file lawsuits, the victims did not dare file lawsuits. So it is the end," Sam Rainsy said. "The cases were closed. They killed them according to their whim in Cambodia. Impunity is the culture of the people with power, with money. They kill according to their whim, and they always get away free."