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Cambodian Deminers Return from Sudan

Cambodian deminers participating in a UN peacekeeping force in Sudan returned home Monday, saying the mission had been successful and no one was hurt.

Cambodia sent 135 deminers to the impoverished African country last year, in their first peacekeeping effort. The country sent 139 more on Saturday for another mission.

The returning deminers cleared nearly 1,000 anti-personnel and 100 anti-tank mines in Sudan, Leng Narin, deputy commander for operations of the returning force, said.

"The mission had no accidents, because we were thinking about our capabilities when we did something," he said.

Peacekeeper Bouth Leang Song said the mission encountered some difficulties at the outset, because it was a first, but end up successful. He wasn't sure he would volunteer for another one.

"It is difficult to say," he said. "Now I cannot say anything because I just returned. I miss my wife and children."