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Satellite Radio Program to Educate on Social Development

A USAID-funded satellite radio initiative will be an important educator on human rights and social development, the US ambassador to Cambodia said over the weekend.

The project, the Equal Access group's Khmer Language Satellite Radio Service, provides "social development radio four hours daily to millions of Cambodians," according to the group's Web site.

Equal Access reaches nearly 300 satellite radio receivers in 75 communes across five provinces, with rebroadcast agreements with nine FM stations.

USAID gave $570,000 to the group from 2005 to 2007. The station is called Our Community Voice.

The group's programs can inform villagers on how to keep their land from theft "and how just to live in a more secure way," the ambassador, Joseph Mussomeli, said. "And of course the first program on domestic violence perhaps is the most important program that we could ever have produced."