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Human Rights Party Leader on Hello VOA

Kem Sokha, the rights advocate turned politician, was a guest on "Hello VOA" Monday, where he discussed his new Human Rights Party and the 2008 national elections.

Kem Sokha has been traveling in the United States to gain support for his emerging opposition party, which formed, he said, from the ideas of many, not just himself.

The Human Rights Party will act like a small democracy, with three branches: legislative, executive and "disciplinary," he said. The leader has term limits, must be elected and lacks centralized power. His decisions must be approved by the other branches.

He said the Cambodian people's search for a true party led to the formation of the Human Rights Party.

The Sam Rainsy Party remains the only opposition party with seats in parliament, and it is unclear if Kem Sokha will join a united democracy coalition with the opposition or strike out on his own.

Callers Monday said they were concerned the democratic movement in the country would break if the parties did not cooperate.