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Cambodia Celebrates Red Cross Day

Cambodia celebrated World Red Cross Red Crescent Day Tuesday with Bun Rany, wife of Prime Minister Hun Sen and the president of the local society, in Battambang, distributing rice and inaugurating a storehouse.

The Cambodian Society has branches in 24 provinces across the country, with a goal to promote humanitarian ideals and protect human dignity, said Ouk Damry, vice president of the Cambodian Red Cross.

The Red Cross provides "impartial assistance to people in need," he said, "in order to reduce the impact of disasters and disease."

The Cambodian Red Cross also educates people to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS, avian influenza and other diseases, while promoting sanitation and clean water, Ouk Damry said.

The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has 185 member chapters and 100 million volunteers worldwide, according to a statement from the organization.

That cooperation was important to keep in mind as different countries around the world mark World Red Cross Day, the statement said.

"We know from long experience in dealing with crisis that no single government or organization alone can tackle the rising challenges posed by catastrophes, conflicts, health emergencies, poverty and migration," the statement said.