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On Eve of Results, Election Monitor Addresses 'Hello VOA'

Koul Panha, executive director for the Committee for Free and Fair Elections, told "Hello VOA" listeners Monday that people unhappy with the results from this month's commune election should not be afraid to speak up.

He spoke on the eve of the official results announcement for April 1 commune elections.

Three callers asked about the complexity of voting registration and other irregularities, saying they would like to see things simplified in the future.

One caller suggested vote-counting be done in villages, not far away, for people to have stronger belief in the votes.

Another said he and his wife and been unable to vote because their names were entered wrongly on registration lists. He said he hoped the 2008 elections would make it easier to vote.

Koul Panha told listeners that irregularities and complex procedures had prevented as many as 18 percent of registered voters from casting their ballots.