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Chhom Nimol Sets Stage on 'Hello VOA'

Chhom Nimol sets the stage for 'Hello VOA' on Thursday, when she makes her debut appearance on our live talk show program.

Lead singer Chhom Nimol of 'Dengue Fever', talks to VOA Khmer about her unique all American band members, her experiments with different music, and her new life in America.

Nimol belongs to a family of famous musicians from Cambodia, and was considered to be one of the country's most popular singers. Still young at the time, Nimol regularly performed for the King and Queen in her home country.

Chhom Nimol moved to the United States five years ago, and is currently living in Long Beach, California, the undisputed largest Khmer community in the United States.

Dengue Fever is unique in that it is a fusion rock band that combines Khmer pop music and lyrics with Western psychedelic rock. The band also writes their own songs, which they translate into Khmer for Nimol.

Although new to the music scene, the band has developed a big following in the United States, mostly through word-of-mouth.

Chhom Nimol was discovered by chance when two brothers, Ethan and Zac Holtzman, saw her performed at a night club called 'Dragon House', a suitable title that eventually graced the cover of their second album.

Click on the above links to listen to Chhom Nimol on 'Hello VOA', hosted by Poch Reasey.