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Government to Take New Year Measures Against Bird Flu

Cambodian health officials say they will take extra measures against bird flu to ensure people's safety during the Khmer New Year, when a high number of chickens are eaten, following the death of a young girl from the provinces last week.

Cambodian New Year will be celebrated next week, when people will travel to their homes and feast and dance, but Health Ministry officials say they have extra personnel dispatched to help identify symptoms of avian influenza.

Seven Cambodians have died from bird flu since 2005, but the death of 13-year-old Nha Pany in Ponhie Krek town, Kampong Cham province, last week was the first this year.

Deth Vannara, director of the Kampong Cham office of bird production and treatment, said his office was trying to control poultry movement across the border.