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Cambodian Military Doctors Trained by U.S. Counterparts on Avian Flu

Thirty eight Cambodian military doctors are receiving training for the first time on avian flu prevention from United States military doctors in Phnom Penh this week.

The four-day training starts Tuesday and is organized by the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

Ten U.S. military doctors are training their Cambodian counterparts on how to deal with the deadly avian flu virus that has no cure yet.

Miss Viseth Ngauy, a Cambodian-American doctor from Maryland, says the training will focus on transportation, rescue work, patients' environment, and sick poultries.

The U.S. military doctors have provided similar training in Malaysia and Thailand.

Cambodian military doctors used to play an important role in treating soldiers and civilians during the wartime, but now that the country is at peace, they have not been very active.

Ministry of Defense's Office of Troops' Health, Major General Thou Tharith, says that Cambodian military doctors do monitor bird flu situation but lack the means to do more.

Bird flu has killed 6 people in Cambodia so far. The disease has killed 173 people around the world.