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Land Disputes in Kampong Speu

A group of locals representing 10 villages in Kampong Speu province say that they will form a mass demonstration, if no resolution is found regarding their claims of land disputes.

The villagers had alleged the ACO army unit of land grabbing, and claimed that they have occupied the land since 1979. Now, they have filed formal complaints to local authorities and to Prime Minister Hun Sen.

In 1993, the armored unit headquarter was erected on the land, which led to ACO demanding a 30 percent annual profit from crop harvested by local villagers.

Loy Samouth, a representative for the villagers, says that he has asked NGOs officials to resolve the issues, but so far nothing has been done.

The Human Rights Watch’s (2006) report shows that about 1000-1600 families have been forced with evictions in Phnom Penh. And in 10 provinces alone, another 1231 families have also experienced forced evictions.

Active land dispute cases are currently pending in Mondul Kiri, Kratie, Kampong Speu, and Koh Kong provinces.