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First Husband, Now Wife, Takes Refuge in Singapore

Nhin Sotheavy, wife of former police chief Heng Pov is seeking refuge in an unknown location in Singapore, her husband’s lawyer tells VOA Khmer Wednesday.

Nhin Sotheavy, along with her three children reportedly went into hiding after Cambodian authorities had appealed to Singapore to have her deported back to Cambodia for suspected possession of counterfeit US dollars.

"I cannot contact her because she’s afraid of her safety, and we don’t want what happened to her husband to happen to her”, N. Sivanathan added.

Last year, the former Phnom Penh commissioner fled from Cambodia to Singapore and then Malaysia. The Phnom Penh court charged him of a number of serious crimes. In December, Malaysia sent Heng Pov back to Cambodia, and is now detained in Prey Sar prison.