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Cambodia Wants Singapore to Deport Heng Pov's Wife

Cambodian authorities appeal to Singapore for the arrest of Heng Pov’s wife and requested to have her brought back to her homeland, for allegedly passing US counterfeit money, Chief General Hok Lundy confirmed by phone to VOA Khmer Tuesday.

Last week, the Phnom Penh Municipal Court summoned Ngin Sotheavy on suspected money laundering, followed a police raid at the former Phnom Penh police chief’s house last year. They alleged to have come across $300,000, and $30,00 of which is fake money.

"We already sent the arrest warrant to officials in Singapore in order to get her back to Cambodia, and right now we wait”, Hok Lundy added.

Ngin Sotheavy along with her husband have denied these charges, and believed that the allegation is a form of blackmail to force her family to drop legal charges against Malaysian government officials, for deporting her husband in December.

While they are waiting to question Ngin Sotheavy back in Cambodia, her passport has been officially revoked today.