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World Bank to Fund Stalled Projects

The World Bank announced Wednesday that it will resume disbursements for three projects that were previously suspended in 2006, due to suspected corruption practices.

The World Bank’s decision to lift the suspensions after it had reached a mutual agreement on ways to improve governance in the implementation of these projects.

The projects are: (1) Land Management and Administration Project (LMAP), (2) Provincial and Rural Infrastructure Project (PRIP), and (3) Provincial and Surburban Water Supply and Sanitation.

“We are very pleased that the government has adopted good governance frameworks for these three projects and has started developing similar frameworks for all ongoing and future projects funded by the World Bank, " said Ian Porter, Country Director for Cambodia.

World Bank Country Manager for Cambodia, Nisha Agrawal says she is pleased that the World Bank has lifted the suspensions so that the projects can begin its impact in the country.

While government spokesman Khieu Kanharith cannot be reached for comment, Prime Minister Hun Sen's top adviser, Om Yentieng says that Cambodia always welcomes the bank’s aid so that the country can start to combat poverty and promote development.

Opposition Sam Rainsy party's (SRP) Secretary General, Mu Sochua says that the government needs to live up to its promises to rid of the country’s corruption.