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National Council Ends Meeting on Judiciary Reform

The National Supreme Magistrate Council (NSMC) ends its 13th meeting Monday, after privately approving eight (8) confidential agendas, under chairman King Sihamoni.

The two-hour meeting held at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, talks about a number of agenda items which include the followings: (1) court judge’s code of ethics, (2) retirement procedures for judges and prosecutors over 60 years old, (3) assignment of posts for the newly selected 55 judges and prosecutors, and (4) the selection of judges and prosecutors across the country, according to a NSMC official.

One of the two agenda items that were discussed in detail was the code of ethics, which stipulated that all judges including prosecutors must not be involved in politics. Moreover, they must be neutral and independent from the country’s political influences. The second agenda talks about the selection procedures in choosing the judges.

VOA Khmer has also learned that about 20 judges and prosecutors across Cambodia will be removed from their posts, which include two judges and one deputy prosecutor in Phnom Penh court.