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'S-21' Film Screens at Rutgers University

NEWARK, New Jersey - More than 100 people gathered here at Rutgers University on Wednesday evening to watch a 30-minute historical documentary film about the central prison and interrogation center used in the 1970s by the radical Khmer Rouge regime.

The prison, known as ‘’S-21’’ by the Khmer Rouge and as ‘’Tuol Sleng’’ in recent years, is well-documented as a place where extraordinary horrors and abuses took place under the direction of the Khmer Rouge, who ruled Cambodia from 1975-79.

Merely a handful of people who the Khmer Rouge imprisoned there are known to have survived. More than 16,000 perished, many killed by blunt object blows in ‘’killing fields’’ several kilometers away on the outskirts of the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh.

The film includes recent interviews with Him Huy, who was a S-21 guard as a young man and who admitted to brutalizing inmates.