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Ex-King Concerns for Khmer Female Migrants in Taiwan

Top government officials Monday echo former King's concerns for a group of Cambodian women, who have moved to Taiwan.

On January 27, former King Norodom Sihanouk issued a study to understand the conditions of women migrants living in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and South Korea.

Cambodian women who move to Taiwan as brides in arranged marriages often suffer beatings, social isolation, and abuse, according the his majesty’s study. As well, female migrants living in Thailand and South Vietnam have resorted to prostitution and begging as a means of making money.

The former King appeals for their safe return and promised to cover the expenses associated with their transportations.

National Assembly committee on Foreign Affairs' chairman, Son Chhay has informed the former Cambodian King, of him receiving a letter from the Taiwanese Ministry of Interior.

In the letter, Taiwanese officials requested for help from the Cambodian government to solve the immediate problem involving nearly 5,000 Cambodian women who are victims to fake marriages.

Some of the women are sold into prostitution or faced with social isolation enforced by their Taiwanese husbands.