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Officials Criticize Unresolved KRT’s Rules

SRP and NGO officials Monday criticize the Khmer Rouge Tribunal’s failure to reach an agreement on internals rules for trials of former Khmer Rouge leaders.

The committee said in a press release last Friday, that although the decisions remained in deadlock, they are moving closer to agreement.

One of the rules that are being stalled relates to foreign lawyer’s legal rights to defend their clients. According to Key Tek, director of the Bar Association of Cambodia, says that foreign lawyers do have legal rights to practice in Cambodian courts, but only in aiding Khmer lawyers.

Meanwhile, SRP legislator Keo Remy expresses his frustration (Monday) about the constant delays within the past six months, and feared that Khmer Rouge’s victims would never be able to seek justice.

The two-week discussions followed the group's failure last November to agree on rules which has already stalled the 56-million-dollar joint UN-Cambodian hearings just months after it began its initial prosecution stages in July.

Key issues remaining to be solved are ways to include national and international laws into the internal rules to give foreign lawyers transparency and standards during the hearing.